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2008 Top Twenty Invitational

2008 Top Twenty Invitational Winner

Ch. Trynyty Cayenne of Thunderpaw
Owned By: Brenda Reeves

2008 Top Twenty Qualifiers

Qualification period: The dogs listed below were ranked in the Top 20 AKC Breed rankings as of December 31, 2007

CH Akio Chousei Sou Morningstar - J Morningstar
CH Copperdots Grothoichiro - A Groth
CH Copperdots Habatakuira Kumiai - L Pendergast
CH Fanfair Snostorm Ringside Rebel - M Rotkowski/D Rotkowski/R Hutchison
CH Flashpoint's Top Gun At C And L - L Doran/C Doran
CH Frerose Good Will Hunter - F Duane
CH Jogoso's Fool For Love - M McCarty/H McCarty
CH Jogoso's Notorious - S Ozasa/G Ozasa
CH Justa Massimiliano - W Fletcher/K Fletcher/L Simons
CH Kawamalsou's Best Kept Secret - M Ross
CH Mamiya's Sunset Storm - C Mamiya
CH Marma's The Wizzard - C Nelson/Z Nelson/D Gordon/G Gordon
CH Musashi Go Soushuu Choumonsou - J Morningstar/N Graham
CH Okan's Blowin In The Wind - C Miller
CH Rodels Miway Or The Highway - T Rolenaitis/S Rolenaitis/F Daum
CH San Jo Wild Wild West - P Peterson
CH Stammlocks Daikichi - C Ross
CH Sunojo's Wild Ride - B Gibbons
CH Tanasea's Taimatsu - D Meador
CH Trynyty Cayenne Of Thunderpaw - B Reeves


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