National Shiba Club of America

2010 Top Twenty Invitational

2010 Top Twenty Invitational Winner

Ch. Taichung Oso Handsome
Owned By: Laura Perkinson

2010 Top Twenty Qualifiers

Qualification period: The dogs listed below were ranked in the Top 20 AKC Breed rankings as of December 31, 2009

Event took place on October 28, 2010 in Kelso, WA

CH Banshou Go Ryuukyuu Uruma - S Rolenaitis/T Rolenaitis/F DAUM/G Burch
CH Copperdots Big Sur - D Smiley
CH Fanfair's Without A Trace At Glenchester - M Peterson/D Peterson/L Payton
CH Jogoso's Fool For Love - M McCarty/H McCarty
CH Jogoso's Notorious - S Ozasa/G Ozasa
CH Justa Massimiliano -B Fletcher/K Fletcher/L Simons/R Hagiwar
CH Justa Setsuzan Roki Yama's Azorra - E Maes/L Simons/W Fletcher/K Fletcher
CH Justa Wizard Of Oz - B Kuehler/L Simons/L Kuehler
CH Kumi One Ten Soldier - P Peterson
CH Mo's Grand Thunderstorm - P Moilanen/M Donlevy
CH Oak's Fuyu Kazan Ryuu - P Gilliard
CH Pendragon Making Waves - L Pendergast
CH Ranchlake's Aki Kohana - D Warren/J Nelson/C Nelson
CH Roscka's Bijutsu No Sosaku - B Richardson/C Ross
CH San Jo I'M A Rock Star - C Catalano/L Engen
CH San Jo She's On Fire -L Pasquarello/S Roble
CH Sonkei Ichi Ryu At Pendragon - L Pendergast
CH Taichung Oso Handsome - L Perkinson
CH Tanasea's Taimatsu - D Meador
CH Yuko's Chief Red Eagle - K Vano


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